Shy, Beijing indie 3-piece, Mr Graceless play you a special version of their brand new song “Throw That Block”, live from the middle of a frozen lake.

Beijing indie rock outfit Residence A recorded in their semi-abandoned practice space in the capital’s outer suburbs. 

The innocence and simple pleasure of the song was reflected in the smiles of the women on that bus, starring through the sound as if reminded of the days when a similarly handsome young man may have sung it to them.

Amid the constant banter with Boys Climbing Ropes bandmate, Jordan, Little Punk painted us a vivid picture of this kind of acceptance and her future life as an older, plumper, hairier, living-room laoban.

Zhang Shouwang of Beijing band Carsick Cars plays a takeaway show for us on the roof of his 23-floor apartment building (via

Very entertaining work from Stephen and the ABC’s Beijing team.

China’s youngest (and cutest) Michael Jackson impersonator.

Video - Breaking News Videos from - China’s ‘Prince of Pop’

Laneway living in Shanghai.

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